Empowering women and girls through sport and theatre

Running. Sharing experiences. Making theatre.

What we do

Run The World helps women and girls take their first steps into running, create a safe environment for sharing experiences and together help them create a piece of theatre from those stories. Participants have full autonomy over their stories and how they are shared thereby, empowering themselves and inspiring others.

Our Goal

We are committed to working with women and girls as it is globally recognised that sport and theatre can be a force to amplify women’s voices, tear down gender barriers, fight discrimination and take a step towards gender equality. We endeavour to use sport and theatre to give women and girls everywhere a chance to experience a full and empowered life.

Recent Project

Ashiana Community Project

Watch and be inspired. Run The World was first commissioned to work with a group of women from Ashiana Community Project in Sparkbrook. Here’s a short video about the project and the audio walk they wanted to create.

You can listen to the audio walk here.

Recent Blog Posts

Recent Stories

  • Stories from Folkestone -   Run The World Folkestone started in Spring 2019. The group started with two participants and has grown every week. Here are some of their stories showing once again the strength, solidarity and power women from all works of life have and more importantly, no matter what your circumstances there is always more than unites… Read More »Stories from Folkestone
  • Ruksana - So, there’s a stereotype, there’s a runner who is generally six-foot-tall, is a male, really really attractive, all toned, great muscles, just generally very very confident. When actually, runners are mums, runners are women that are really busy, they don’t have the size zero figure, they are absolutely tired, but they are still dedicated. They… Read More »Ruksana

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