sport and theatre are wonderful enablers to open up that side of ourselves that fears to be bold

Our work:

Run The World helps women and girls take their first steps into running, create a safe environment for sharing experiences and together help them create a piece of theatre from those stories, empowering themselves and inspiring others.

Why? Because sport and theatre are wonderful enablers to open up that side of ourselves that fears to be bold, overcomes our fear and forces us to grow. 

Why women and girls? Because when one woman or girl is empowered, she has the power to lift one hundred more with her. Empowering women and girls to reach their full potential creates a ripple effect for the most positive change.

Past Projects: Birmingham

Ashiana Community Project in Sparkbrook commissioned by Birmingham Repertory theatre.

Past Projects: Folkestone

From March 2019 – March 2020 I engaged with a group of women in Folkestone. Every Saturday morning we ran around a running track and occasionally along the beach. Each week we chatted and shared stories personal stories of loss, loneliness and courage. This time, instead of an audio walk we created a series of stories to be read aloud and showcased at the Take Off festival on International women’s day. Run The World has highlighted so many important issues for isolated, marginalised women in Folkestone who’s story would not have been heard.

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