Run The World uses sport and theatre to help empower women and girls from all walks of life...

... and physical abilities with a strong focus on women and girls from marginalised backgrounds and empowering them through running and other sporting activities and theatre.

It is a safe space where the focus is on creativity and fun and the social aspect of non-competitive sport. A place where a community is built around supporting one another, empowering one another and, as women, fearlessly moving forward together.

Exercise sessions are followed by theatre sessions where women and girls work together to co-create a theatre piece telling their individual stories. Together they are able to develop creativity, confidence and leadership skills. Sport and theatre are wonderful enablers to open up that side of ourselves that fears to be bold, overcomes our fear and forces us to grow. 

Sport has a huge potential to empower women and girls. In many countries, it has been recognised that sport can be a force to amplify female voices and tear down gender barriers and discrimination. Participation in sports can help break-down gender stereotypes, improve girls’ and women’s self-esteem and contribute to the development of leadership skills.

Theatre has the power to make us think differently about the world around us, bring transformation to society and inspire us to create change. It can be hard for some to understand why theatre is such a transformative force, but we have seen first-hand that theatre can give people a renewed sense of self, and the courage and confidence to live their lives with dignity and self-respect.

By combining these two activities Run The World supports women and girls in building their physical strength, self-esteem, and social progression. We aim to develop community leaders, giving women and girls the tools and skills, they need to successfully continue similar projects and lead their own communities with inspiration and action.

We endeavour to use sport and theatre to give women and girls everywhere a chance to experience a full and empowered life.

We are committed yet respectful in our practice.

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