Hi, I’m Manjeet Mann. Currently, Run The World is a small operation of…one.

I collaborate with organisations to deliver the project in specific areas of need.

Run the World began in Sparkbrook in Birmingham in 2018 working with women from Ashiana community project. The project was commissioned by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. 2019-2020 sees Run The World teaming up with Shepway Sports Trust and The Quarterhouse Theatre in Folkestone with more collaborations to follow in the UK and abroad.

For the past decade I have worked as an actress, writer and personal trainer.

As a Personal Trainer, I have worked with men and women from all walks of life and abilities. I have had clients with Parkinson’s, severe back injuries, clients after heart surgery as well as men and women suffering with mental illness, from depression to PTSD.  The biggest change I see in my clients is confidence and the bond that is created during an exercise class over several weeks is quite extraordinary. I always end my classes with a 30 minute ‘wind down’ and chat if anyone should want to talk or share anything. This usually ends up being more like an hour! Combining this with a play I wrote and toured about female empowerment last year, made it clear that a lot of women and girls still feel disempowered in their lives and have a story they are desperate to tell. I looked at the work I was doing with my PT clients and my work in theatre and felt it was my calling to combine my skills and help bring about change. Thus, Run The World was born.

The work I did with the women in Sparkbrook surpassed my expectations. The women grew stronger in mind and body every session. Some women started running their own classes and showed leadership qualities which they themselves never knew they possessed, others faced extremely difficult situations at home and felt they now had the confidence to make a stand. The transformations were inspiring.

My mission is to have Run The World communities all around the globe. I am fully committed to fulfilling this mission as I am passionate about the power sport and theatre has in transforming the lives of women and girls everywhere and showing every woman and girl that they can, RUN the WORLD.

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