I’m hoping Run The World will chart empowerment, strength and solidarity

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Run the World

Run The World’s first ever project sees me working with women from Ashiana Community Project.

Ashiana Community Project is a registered charity based in the heart of Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Ashiana is the Urdu word for nest – a safe nurturing place for growth and development, which is indicative of the approach and atmosphere they have applied here at Ashiana.

Run The World focuses on working with women from all walks of life and physical abilities and uniting and empowering them through running and other strength based activities. (This week it was so rainy and wet outside we did a brilliant indoor body weights session!) It’s a space where the focus is on fun and the social aspect of non-competitive sport. A place where a community is built around supporting one another, empowering one another and, as women, fearlessly moving forward together.

Alongside the exercise elements we also have time and space to share stories. Our journey through the exercise sessions and conversations will be recorded over the next few months and will culminate in a piece of audio theatre which will be co-created by the women in the group. Many of the women would like to remain anonymous which is why they’ve opted for an audio tour. This will also mean that many of the stories on the audio will be voiced by actors. There is of course no obligation to share anything and some women just come for the exercise sessions without taking part in the theatre workshops. During the audio walk, you, the ‘audience’, are invited to listen to the stories whilst exploring the area that inspired it.

I’m hoping Run The World will chart the empowerment, strength and solidarity women can find through running and theatre.


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