Stories from Sparkbrook

The women I worked with in Sparkbrook preferred to remain anonymous. This was the main reason they wanted to create an audio walk with actors voicing their stories. “It’s a very tight community”. Said one participant. “We can’t have anyone recognising our voice”.

I may have started with only one participant, but I finished with a strong group of twenty-five. The women were and continue to be a huge inspiration to me and each other. The friendships that were made, the inner strength they built and the journeys they went on were incredible.

Here are a few words from some of the women who wanted to share their story. As English wasn’t everyone’s first language our workshops were recorded. Their words are verbatim although names have been changed.


So, there’s a stereotype, there’s a runner who is generally six-foot-tall, is a male, really really attractive, all toned, great muscles, just generally very very… Read More »Ruksana


My daughter wouldn’t like me saying this, but her father’s got schizophrenia so she’s got two parents with mental health problems…out of all me children,… Read More »Moira